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Established 1805


Enjoy this virtual walkthrough of our facilty. 

Virtual tour is made possible by a collaboration with and the 360 camera loan program / Google Street View App.

Or click on the images below

Town and Village Office Building
Main Lobby

A quilt and numerous pictures of Boonville are featured throughout the facility.

Town Meeting Room

The Town Meeting Room is used for a variety of occasions including Town Board Meetings (Meetings take place on the second Monday evening of each month at 7:00PM).

Town Meeting Room

The Town Meeting Room is also where Town Court takes place (Tuesday evenings starting at 6:00PM)

Town Supervisor / Town Justice Offic

The Town Supervisor and Town Justice offices are located inside the Town Meeting Room.


The hallway leads from the Main Lobby to the Town Meeting Room (first door on left), Codes Enforcement and Assessor Offices (on right side) and Village Meeting Room (final door on left).

Court Entrance

The court entrance is located on the left of the building.

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